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The overview of the 4 SSR cards of Airi Totoki


Hi, I'm Kei, "producer" of Airi Totoki.

I'd like to give an overview of the 4 SSR cards of Airi Totoki.

 2 cards are Permanent (Unlimited-time) SSR. One is "Cup of love" and the other is "Elegance Plus". 2 cards are Limited-time SSR. "Private Maid" can be obtained only in the "Cinderella Fes" period and "Pumpkin party" can be obtained from "Memorial Gasha".


"Cup of love" 


"Cup of love" can be called "Orthodox Airi".

The costume is like a princess, very cute and lovely. This symbolizes that Airi is given a lots of love from her fans, like a princess. (And, her song is "Apple-pie princess". "Princess" is a symbolic word to Airi.)


"Elegance Plus"


"Elegance Plus" can be called "Another orthodox Airi".

The costume is somehow elegant. Actually, Airi saids "I want to be able to have an elegant look." and she tried to have an elegant look in Moba-mas. "Elegance Plus" is one goal of her challenge.

* It should be emphasized that this is "Elegance Plus", not "change". This mean, Airi have both a cute look and an elegant look.


"Private Maid"


"Private Maid" can be considered a pair with "Cup of love".

"Private Maid" Airi give us (both "Producer" and fans) a lots of love, when "Cup of love" Airi is given a lots of love. Especially, Airi explained why she is trying to be better as an idol.


"Pumpkin party"


"Pumpkin party" can be called as "Fascinating" Airi.

The costume motif is Halloween. Airi behave like a witch and do some mischief  to "Producer" and fans.

After this SSR, she song "Sweet Witches' Night" as a member of Sweetches (means "Sweet Witches").



All of the 4 SSR cards are best of Airi, I think. If you haven't met Airi, I hope you will meet someday.